Critical Vessel Monitoring System Uses Thermal Imaging Cameras

A new monitoring system for critical vessels uses thermal imaging cameras designed to provide higher measurement density than traditional systems based on thermocouples. The Critical Vessel Monitoring System from Ametek business unit Land Instruments International measures surface temperature once every 16 cm2, compared with one measurement every 250 cm2 in typical thermocouple systems.

By measuring temperatures in more locations, the system allows for earlier detection of refractory wear or breakdown. Potential benefits include greater protection against catastrophic vessel failure and extension of refractory lifetime based on actual data.

The system has been designed for use in gasifiers and other critical vessels in petrochemical refining, power generation, chemical and coal processing, waste management, and fertilizer and plastics production. Industrial cameras suitable for harsh environments are placed to view all parts of the vessel including the critical cone and dome sections.

Each camera records more than 10,000 individual measurements, helping to ensure that the smallest degradation can be detected.