Bulk Bag Filler Includes Quick-Release Safety Hooks

The new quick-release safety hook option on Hapman’s bulk bag filler keeps bulk bag straps firmly in place during filling. Users can automatically detach the bag by flipping a switch once the bag is full. The alloy steel hooks were designed with an engineered safety latch that allows operators to load and unload bulk bags securely, eliminating slippage and injuries associated with the manual detachment of heavy bulk bags.

Once the bag straps are snapped into place and bulk material loading begins, the frame can be adjusted up or down until the bottom of the bulk bag sits securely on the loading platform. Once filling is complete, the operator uses the integral control panel to engage two pneumatic actuators that simultaneously release the four bulk bag straps.

Hapman’s line of bulk bag fillers also include forklift pockets, design options for direct feeding from your equipment or one of Hapman’s conveyors and stainless or carbon steel construction.

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