Wireless Corrosion Transmitter Monitors Water Systems

Rohrback Cosasco Systems new Corrater wireless corrosion transmitter measures corrosion rate and pitting tendency in water systems. The Corrater CWT-9020 transmitter handles on-line corrosion monitoring of water systems in electrically hazardous areas with an allowable operating range of 40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. The CWT has a high-frequency measurement on two electrodes for compensation of solution resistance.

The Corrater Wireless Corrosion Transmitter can be supplied as part of a complete Cosascowireless corrosion monitoring system. In addition, the Corrater transmitter can be added to any Emerson Smart Wireless Network or output from the gateway via Modbus Interface to virtually any process automation system.

Each wireless corrosion transmitter will work as a node in a self-organizing network (mesh) to ensure consistent delivery of data. The self-organizing network was designed to provide an adaptive, flexible approach to wireless data transfer.

Once installed computed corrosion rate and pitting tendency can be read from the Gateway directly into a DCS system, an RCS ICMS3-Amulet Corrosion Management System or a Microcor Tools software package for smaller scale systems.