Flow-Sizing App for Mobile Devices Assists with Flowmeter Selection

Invensys Operations Management has released the new FlowExpertPro application for the iPad and iPhone. The FlowExpertPro app is based on Invensys Operations Management’s Foxboro online flow-sizing tool and has been designed to help users size coriolis, flow orifice, magnetic, vortex and compact orifice flowmeters.

The FlowExpertPro program provides a means of selecting and sizing the correct flowmeter for any application. This includes the maximum and minimum flow capability, meter size rating, pressure drop, pressure withstand capability and Reynolds number calculation.

The program also has a fluids database capable of computing the physical properties of many fluids so that the correct flowing density and viscosity can be entered into the sizing program. Users can size the meter for a process fluid selected from the application's database, or enter a process fluid with its physical data. FlowExpertPro can also be used as a fluid properties calculator.

Product Type:
Data Collection
Invensys Operations Management