Feeder Handles Dry Product Integration For Process Industries

Hapman has added a new U-Trough Feeder design to its process equipment portfolio. This screw-style feeder was designed to efficiently measure ingredients delivering material to the process in a consistent manner. This feeder is available with either volumetric or gravimetric controls. The range of measurement options make this feeder suitable for dry product integration for use in food, chemical or water treatment processing.

Featuring an optional integral agitator, the U-Trough Feeder was engineered to operate as a dry material mixer. The unit can mix and blend multiple dry materials, combine thick wet mixes and break up solid lumps. This helps create a smooth thorough blend of materials. The trough is available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, carbon steel or special alloy material. It also can be customized for specific application needs.

Powders and solids
Product Type:
Feeding, dispensing and dosing