Electrochemical Sensors Measure pH and ORP

Invensys Operations Management has released the latest version of its Foxboro PH12 series sensors. These precision electrochemical sensors are for use with a set of mounting accessories to measure pH and ORP. The sensors also utilize electrode technology in the 12-mm form factor.

They are suitable for low- and high-temperature installations. The sensor is disposable, eliminating the need for maintenance. The Foxboro Model PH12 incorporates a chemical resistant PEEK body, flat membrane sensing electrode and no metallic wetted parts.

The Foxboro Model PH12 sensor features new lengths of 225 mm (8.9 inches), 360 mm (14.2 inches) and 425 mm (16.7 inches). In addition, the PH12 incorporates a nonmetallic solution ground as a standard feature, allowing for sensor diagnostics in a cost-effective platform.

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Invensys Operations Management