Control System Maintains Consistent Phosphorus Level

Hach has introduced its new RTC101 Phosphorus Control System, which provides real-time control of chemical dosing that helps maintain consistent phosphorus levels in effluent waters. The RTC101 P-Module is a turnkey solution with instruments and technology designed to work together, accurately controlling a facility’s phosphorus levels to save on chemical costs, and providing confidence in the phosphorus results produced.
The RTC101 can be used for both open (feed forward) and closed loop (feed back) control of the chemical dose. The chemical feed pump is controlled continuously via a 4-20 mA signal or a dry contact relay. Both outputs can be utilized together: if the dose determined by the controller is below the pump minimum flow rate, the system will switch from 4-20mA control to relay control automatically.

Fluid handling
Product Type:
Feeding, dispensing and dosing