Continuous Monitoring System Supports Six Languages

Vaisala has launched viewLinc 4.1, a new version of its monitoring, alarming and reporting software. Aimed at highly demanding controlled environments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the new version of the software offers an optimized mobile interface for remote monitoring and alarm management.

Along with the location-based and new time-zone specific reporting, viewLinc 4.1 is now localized for German, French, Swedish and Chinese (Japanese version to launch in December 2012). Users can generate reports based on the time zone of the reporting location or the monitoring location making the system truly global in function.

Other key features of Vaisala viewLinc 4.1 include an enhanced user interface that is easier to navigate as well as more customization capabilities in historical reports and live multiple-channel trend display for enhanced reporting. The improved user interface facilitates easy access to product data in a more familiar Windows-type navigation.

In addition, it shows data by location, which allows users to easily find their loggers, swap out devices, and report data by location. With the mobile interface, users can acknowledge and pause alarms, view live trends on any monitored location under their control, and view trend data in real time.

Product Type:
Data Collection