Batch Processing Controller Automates Dosing and Dispensing Procedures

Scaletron Industries has introduced the Model 1020-B batch process controller for use in the industrial and chemical process industries. The controller automates batch-out processing eliminating the need for an operator to visually monitor dosing and dispensing processes. For filling or emptying containers placed on the scale, the new controller provides readings to five digits and enables integration with other up- or downstream processes.

Recommended for use with Scaletron drum, tank, platform and stainless-steel platform scale bases, the Model 1020-B controller features a six-button panel with indicator lights. Guided by intuitive prompts, the operator enters the preset fill/dispense values. Pressing the dispense button starts the process, which may be paused at any time without loss of parameter settings.

Color-coded LED lights indicate status. When the preset amount is reached, a relay is activated which may then be used to turn on/off various valves and other devices depending on amperage requirements. The Model 1020-B offers three usage modes for batching systems. The single mode uses only the fast fill amount, indicated by a green LED light, and will dispense the precise amount of material specified in the preset.

When the dispensing is completed, the green LED indicator light turns off and a red LED turns on to alert the operator that the process is done. When the preset amount is reached, the relay may be deployed to operate devices such as solenoid valves. Whenever possible, care should be taken to minimize electronic noise in the area where the controller is used.

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