Test Kit Measures Motor Shaft Voltage

Electro Static Technology (EST) has released the Aegis Shaft Voltage Test Kit, designed to test motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) and prevent bearing damage and equipment downtime caused by damaging electrical voltages. The result of collaboration between EST and Fluke Corp., the tools are available from both companies.

The Aegis Shaft Voltage Test Kit is able to determine whether a VFD-controlled motor is subject to stray shaft voltages. It features a replaceable probe tip that contains high-density conductive microfibers, which enables continuous contact with a rotating motor shaft and provides accurate voltage readings on rotating equipment. 

EST manufactures the tip and extension rod that may be held or used with an optional magnetic base, while Fluke makes the 10:1 probe and the Fluke 190 Series ScopeMeter portable oscilloscope that displays the voltage waveform and saves the image for reporting.