Temperature Control System Reduces Risk Of Overflow

As the smallest dynamic temperature control system in Huber’s Unistat series, the Petite Fleur was designed for controlling small investigation reactors. The new Petite Fleur-eo model introduces a new solution that reduces the risk of overflow and running dry in open, external applications.

Petite Fleur temperature control systems are built with compact, space-saving designs. They are tested with reactor volumes from 0.3 to 6 liters and have the ability to rapidly and accurately control and change temperature. Working temperatures range from 40 degrees below zero to 200 degrees Celsius, with cooling capacities of 480 Watts at full pump speed (according to DIN 12876).

The Petite Fleur’s circulation pump provides flow rates up to 33 L/minute, while the soft-start feature protects delicate glassware from breakage. These models are equipped with the CC-Pilot controller that includes a color TFT screen and graphic display. With a data cable, the display can be removed from the unit and used as a remote control.

Other features include a programmer, calendar and clock, user menus, ramp function, and calibration. The interface module is factory-fitted with digital and analog interfaces that comply with the NAMUR standard, enabling integration into a process control system. All models are supplied with natural refrigerants.

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