Static Powder Flow Tester Measures Unconfined Yield Strength

Mercury Scientific Inc. has added the Evolution static flow powder tester to its existing powder testing product line. The unit measures the unconfined yield strength of a material at pressures up to 500KPa. The unconfined yield strength can be measured at one pressure or at many different pressures in order to create a flow function. The flow function presents the material's gain in strength as more pressure is applied to it.

The Evolution Powder Tester (EPT) is a standalone instrument designed just for powder testing and is not an accessory to a general purpose instrument. In addition, it takes approximately three minutes for a user to test one sample. With the EPT, time consolidation tests can be performed with sample cells and weights that allow a material to be subjected to various pressures over long periods of time. The EPT time cells are designed so they can be easily placed in ovens or humidity chambers to study their effects on materials in storage situations.

Mercury Scientific also offers the Revolution Powder Analyzer for dynamic powder flow testing. With both instruments, customers are able to study the effects of all different processes and environmental conditions on their materials during handling, transportation and storage. Mercury Scientific now offers both instruments with its accessories together as a package at a discounted price.

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