Digital Flow Computer Handles Various Custody And Process Applications

Krohne Inc. has released the Summit 8800 digital flow computer, which features a touchscreen graphic display and several performance improvements. The Summit 8800 handles various custody and process applications, including metering oil, gas, wet gas, steam and water, bulk chemicals batching and heat exchanger metering. Network support helps users minimize service costs and implement automatic remote metering.

The unit contains a dedicated microprocessor with a 0.25-second processing cycle for each input/output (I/O) board rather than using one shared processor. A removable multigigabyte memory card stores data with enough capacity for several years of flow information.

The large color display with multicolor traffic-light guidance was designed to simplify operations and system maintenance. Network security is enhanced with multiple, redundant Ethernet ports, while wide-area communication is possible using a range of common protocols.

The Summit 8800 features a modular design, which allows the user to plug in up to six I/O or communication boards as needed for multiple flow streams, analyzers or additional network communications options.

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