Data Connectivity Software Supports All OPC Communications

MatrikonOPC has released the newest version of OPC Tunneller -- now with support for OPC Alarms and Events. With OPC Tunneller, users can transfer data from remote OPC Servers into a centralized A&E Historian without DCOM communication issues. This allows users to establish and maintain secure, reliable communications between systems spanning large geographical distances and systems on complex networks.
OPC Tunneller’s lossless data compression uses less than 10% of the bandwidth normally needed by regular OPC traffic based on DCOM. Such low data overhead is suitable for use in limited data bandwidth applications that involve the use of satellites, modems, radios, and other bandwidth-limited communications. In addition, OPC Tunneller keeps OPC data confidential by encrypting it. This approach provides users with an additional layer in the defense-in-depth cyber security model.
OPC Tunneller features cross-domain and workgroup connectivity, direct connectivity to A&E Historians and handles low-bandwidth environments.
Product Type:
Data Collection