Non-Contact Transmitter Penetrates Froth And Measures Pulp Height

Hawk Measurement's new acoustic wave transmitter for optimizing flotation cell is nonintrusive and will penetrate through the froth to measure the pulp height. The Hawk sensor is mounted above the froth and pulp height, so it's designed to reduce maintenance or mechanical problems.

Typically the transmitter can be mounted at walkway height for easy serviceability. The low-frequency level transmitter can be supplied ready for connection to the typical two-wire loop power supply used for the displacement float transmitter, which it is replacing. Remote-mounted transmitters are also an option.

Hawk also provides as an option a nonintrusive transmitter to measure the froth height. Continuous measurement of the froth height, provided as feedback to the control loop for the inlet dart valve allows a floatation cell to maintain constant overflowing of froth to the launder, even when the ore body type may produce variations to frothing consistency.

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Hawk Measurement