Discrete-Input Transmitters Help Gather Plant Data

Honeywell recently added two discrete-input transmitters to its family of XYR 6000 wireless devices. The STXW 500 and the STTW 401 transmitters can convert any measurement device with a contact-closure switch input into a wireless input, enabling manufacturers to decrease costs and improve efficiency by wirelessly monitoring more processes at their plants, according to the company.  The transmitters are said to be ideal for wirelessly monitoring level switches, pump status and system alarms.

The new devices can transmit signals from up to three contact switches. The STXW 500 transmitter accepts three discrete/digital inputs while the STTW 401 transmitter accepts a thermocouple input and two discrete/digital inputs. Additionally, both transmitters carry intrinsically safe approvals for use in hazardous areas from FM Global and the Canadian Standards Association.

The XYR 6000 Series wireless transmitters all work under the Honeywell OneWireless solution, the company’s industrial wireless mesh network designed to meet the ISA100.11a hardware requirements. The network can simultaneously support thousands of devices at a facility – including various transmitters, mobile operator devices and physical security equipment – to help operators improve overall operations by more efficiently monitoring processes, assets and people. 

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