Insulated Wire Is Available for a Range of Uses

Omega features a range of wires for users to choose from. Sensor, transducer, hook-up, heater, RTD, thermocouple, tc extension wires and MI cables include solid or stranded wires with single, one-pair or multi-pair conductors. Long, continuous lengths up to 5,000 feet are available for bulk OEM needs. Short 25-foot to 500-foot productions spools are well-suited for connecting strain gages to solder terminal strips and pads.

The 28-gage ribbon cables with 4-50 conductors are PVC pre-insulated conductors that can be trimmed to any conductor width to fit usage. Omega's 24-gage, aluminum-polyester shielded cable comes in two, four, eight or 15 conductors, features PVC insulation and PVC outer jacket which makes the product suitable for low-and high level voltage signals. In addition, Omega produces a class of twisted/shielded extension grade thermocouple wire that is resistant to moisture, abrasion, chemicals and UV light. 

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