Ethernet Adapter Provides Remote Access

ABB Low Voltage Drives recently released the SREA-01 Ethernet Adapter for the company’s low voltage AC drive line. The din rail-mounted SREA-01 enables remote access to drives. If a process alarm or fault occurs, the internal Web server of the SREA-01 provides a user interface for accessing the drives and other process variables. Installing an SREA-01 in concert with ABB drives can reduce downtime, costs and site visits where drives are controlling motors, according to the company.

The SREA-01 can send process data, data logs and event messages independently -- without a PLC or a dedicated on-site computer. The SREA-01 ethernet adapter has a built-in internal Web server for configuration and drive access.

The adapter can connect a maximum of 10 drives to an ethernet or GPRS network. The SREA-01 comes equipped with an ethernet port and a serial port for connecting to a standard GSM/GPRS modem for internet connectivity in isolated places.

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