Reel Unit Automatically Feeds, Rotates Hose

NLB Corp. has introduced two Roto-Reel units that automatically feed high-pressure water jet hose for industrial pipe and sewer cleaning, relieving operators of the strain of manual hose feeding. The units are said to improve efficiency by rotating the hose as it feeds, helping it get through tight bends and maximizing cleaning coverage and water jet force.

Two models are available. The Roto-Reel 200 has a hose capacity of 200 feet (61m) and is intended for applications requiring water pressure of up to 20,000 psi (1,400 bar). The Roto-Reel 500 has a hose capacity of 500 feet (152m) and is used for applications up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).

Both Roto-Reel units feed hose at up to 40 feet per minute (12m per minute) and rotate the hose reel at 30 rpm. They can be ordered with air or hydraulic power, and come skid-mounted or trailer-mounted with a protective cage.
Reliability and Maintenance
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Maintenance services
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