Indicator Lights Monitor Equipment Status

Banner Engineering Corp. introduces EZ-Light Audible and Segmented Indicator Lights for operator guidance and indication of equipment status. Rugged EZ-Light Audible and Segmented Indicators feature multi-colored, long-lasting LEDs, deliver a convenient solution for displaying the status of remote and inaccessible sensors and minimize the need for costly and inconvenient bulb replacements, according to Banner.

Models consist of a single compact and unobtrusive unit that can replace post and stack lights. Additionally, EZ-Light Audible and Segmented Indicators are available in multiple low-profile design options for easy installation and are compatible with PLC or other logic-level control outputs.

For applications where sound indication is beneficial, EZ-Light Audible Indicators offer two decibel levels with steady or pulsed tones. In addition, Audible Indicators provide standard green/red/yellow lights and are available in two housing styles.

EZ-Light Segmented Indicators provide a one-, two-, three- or four-color display with individual segments lighted separately or in combination to display multiple status configurations simultaneously. These multi-color, point-of-use indicators offer transmission of non-lingual messages to an operator or to monitor multiple locations and allow operator guidance, even for those with limited color recognition ability. Plus, optional labels are available for enhanced segment identification.

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