Control Console Lets Users Remotely Initiate and View Measurements

Garner Industries, manufacturer of BinMaster level measurement devices, introduces its new SmartBob2 console – called the SBC-1000 – which provides the ability to remotely initiate and view measurements from up to 128 SmartBob2 remotes. The SBC-1000 provides basic, local control and monitoring of all vessels connected to the network from a single console, significantly reducing the amount of equipment needed to monitor a large number of vessels and thereby reducing costs.

The compact, manually-operated console – which provides users access to measurements including distance to product, height of product, percent full, and weight – can be used independently or integrated into a network using eBob software. Enclosed in a NEMA 4X splash and dust proof enclosure, the SBC-1000 features a user-friendly LED display with back lit graphics for easy readability and a six-button, membrane style external keypad for user control and operation. The user interface is very intuitive, making it easy to configure the console and retrieve data from a selected vessel. An RS-485 port for the SmartBob network with a lightning/surge protection circuit provides transient protection from lightning. Plus, an internal memory chip retains user settings, vessel configuration and last measurement data in the event of a power failure.

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Garner Industries