Acrylic Flow Meters Feature Dual Interchangeable Scales

Dakota Instrument's ACR Clear Acrylic Flow Meters feature direct reading dual scales that are mounted interchangeably at the rear of the flow meter.

The scales display both English and Metric System units and are mounted by means of locating holes between the rear of the acrylic block and the yellow-colored backing plate. This feature allows simple removal of the existing scales and easy mounting of additional scales for different fluids and flow rates.

The acrylic flow meters offer quick conversion from factory-set panel mounting to partial or full in-line configurations by correspondingly exchanging the plug seals and the inlet/outlet connectors. Additional features of the ACR Clear Acrylic Flow Meters include 1/8 NPT female inlet/outlet connectors.

Additional scales, flow meter kits and needle valves are available as options. Floats are available in a choice of glass, 316 stainless steel or carboloy. The meters are supplied with factory equipped O-Rings in a choice of Viton with stainless steel fittings or Buna-N Rubber with brass fittings.

The ACR Models are easy to clean with mild soap and water and can be dried with air or inert gas. They are constructed from an impact-resistant acrylic block and can be panel mounted by means of hex nuts.

Dakota’s Model ACR Acrylic Flow Meters offer economical solutions to measuring either water (up to 400 mL/min) or air (up to 15 sL/min).

The units meet the performance demands of a variety of industry-specific applications including: chemical processing, pollution treatment equipment, gas analyzers, film and X-ray processing equipment, water systems and desalinization equipment. 

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Dakota Instruments, Inc.