Silo Fluidizer Prevents Bridging, Rat-Holing and Compacting

Solimar Pneumatics introduces a Mini Disk silo fluidizer. This new disk provides all of the features of the company’s standard fluidizers that prevent bridging, rat-holing and compacting in silos, bins and hoppers. The new two-inch diameter Mini Disk fits in pipes, chutes and small hoppers as well as tight curvature chambers with diameters as small as four inches. The compact size provides material handling engineers and designers with more pneumatic conveying options. Solimar’s patent application on the new product is pending.

The superior aeration of the Solimar disk fluidizer utilizes directional air flow along the wall of the chamber to loosen product and move it to the discharge point. Gentle vibration is provided at the outer edges of the disk which helps to keep powders and bulk solids flowing. Because the disk seals tightly against the chamber wall, there is minimum back pressure. This design advantage also prevents airline plugging. All Solimar aerators are compatible with food grade materials and are FDA approved. The silicone material which is used on the standard and Mini Disk will not tear or absorb moisture. The disk aerators will withstand temperatures to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (170° C).



Fluid handling
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Pipe, tubing and fittings
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