Machine Condition Management System Provides Static, Dynamic and Transient Data Collection and Analysis

ProvibTech's PCM360 machine condition management system collects, stores and analyzes data. The system, which can analyzes static, dynamic and transient data, is capable of transmitting machine status monitoring information over local or wide area networks. The PCM360 obtains both critical machinery running status and plant running status. Additionally, the PCM360 collects process data as 4-20mA input or digital monitor input.

Leading Features of PCM360

  • Integrates plant condition monitoring and process data into one database
  • Features a user-friendly interface for instant data analysis with minimal training required
  • Maximizes flexibility and expandability with object-oriented modular design
  • Collects transient, dynamic and process data
  • Offers a built-on Microsoft SQL Server database to assure better data management and reliable networking
  • Provides client/server architecture, enabling user to access data anywhere on intranet/internet
  • Readily integrates with third party vibration monitors and process monitors with minimum hardware
  • Offers multiple digital I/O Protocols, including Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Features 24-hour notification through on site alarms, operator interface and SMS messaging on GPRS mobile

PCM360 Advantage

  • Maximizes productivity by minimizing machine down time
  • Reviews, analyzes and diagnoses a machine's running status
  • Integrates and collects data via third-party monitors
  • Provides around-the-clock machine condition monitoring
  • Instantly alerts operators of machine problems
  • Offers simultaneous high-speed data acquisition on all channels
Product Type:
Data Collection