Flooring Offers Quick Installation and a Smooth Design

Stontec TRF's versatility starts at the application level as it can be laid over concrete, wood, brick, quarry tile or metal. As with all Stonhard flooring systems, the end result is a smooth yet durable floor system that stands up to foot and light machinery traffic with a decorative, stain resistant surface. Perfect for pharmaceutical production and laboratories, washdown areas as well as corridors and garages.

The secret to the design and durability is the brightly colored vinyl flakes that meld into the high performance epoxy bonding coat. The final touch to the resinous Stontec TRF system is a fast curing UV resistant urethane sealer that resists sun damage and discoloration. 

The quick cure time, as little as four hours for foot traffic, keeps shutdown time to a minimum. And the updated color palette affords not only 12 standard choices but limitless customizable options that will compliment any interior design. 

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