Thermocouple and Probe Will Convert Your PC into a Real-time Meter

Omega's wireless industrial probes are available with type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C or N thermocouples or PT100 RTD models. Each complete unit features an industrial probe and head assembly, with a pre-programmed, factory-tested wireless transmitter. The built-in field replaceable battery provides over three years of continuous use.

All models interface directly with Omega's UWTC series receivers. Receiver models feature local displays, analog output, alarms and web-based monitoring. Free software is included that will convert your PC into a multi-channel chart recorder, data logger or a real-time meter, displaying process temperatures, ambient temperatures, signal strength and battery conditions of multiple probes simultaneously. The wireless thermocouple and the RTD industrial probe are CE compliant.
Prices start at $195. 

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