DIN Rail Signal Conditioners Accept a Broad Range of Input Signals

The DRF Series of DIN rail signal conditioners provide up to 3500 Veff isolation between input, output and power. These signal conditioners are designed to accept a broad range of input signals, including AC and DC voltage and current, frequency, temperature (thermocouple and RTD) and process transducers. Each model is available with standard process outputs of either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 Vdc (only one output may be used at a time). These signal conditioners are easily mountable and compatible with standard 35 millimeter DIN rails. The DRF series maximizes functionality and provides improved measurement accuracy by minimizing the effects of ground loops and electrical noise. The DRF series is ideal for chemical, water and petroleum industries. This product is CE compliant.
Prices start at $170.
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