Fiber-optic Handheld Meter Is Designed for Temperature, Pressure and Strain Measurements

The FOH201 fiber-optic handheld meter is a compact device that provides absolute and accurate measurements. The portable meter comes complete with a large, LCD display that is easily visible up close or at a distance and white light polarization interferometry technology, which is patent pending. Designed to be paired with Omega's interferometric fiber optic sensors, the FOH201 is ideal for temperature, pressure and strain measurements. The rugged casing and rubber boot provide protection against intensive handling and harsh environments. This meter comes with a standard ±5V analog output and RS232 communication port for real-time data acquisition and is compatible with all Omega WLPI optic sensors. Recommended applications include temperature measurement in electrically noisy environments, including microwave manufacturing and testing. This product is CE compliant. 
Prices start at $2,650.
Omega fiber optic handheld meter.jpg
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Omega Engineering