Software Suite Increases Sensor Accuracy

With the iSense software suite, Mettler-Toledo Ingold introduces a tool for the maintenance, documentation and management of pH and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensors. With iSense, sensors used in the process are highly accurate, more reliable and are more cost-efficient to maintain.

Based on proprietary ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology, Mettler-Toledo Ingold offers measurement loops for field operation that allow users of process analytical equipment to run their processes using intelligent sensors that are able to provide sensor-specific, real-time status information. Utilizing INGOLD's extensive know-how on designing and manufacturing world-class analytical sensors, innovative algorithms have been implemented in the digital ISM sensors that allow advanced diagnostics on the effective performance of each sensor. End-of-Lifecycle conditions where sensor performance is decreasing can be monitored online via the process control system thanks to up-to-date ISM sensor data.

With iSense, benefits of the ISM technology are maximized and extended to off-line maintenance operations. Simply connect your ISM sensor via USB port to a Windows PC and get access to various intuitive analysis, calibration and documentation applications. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) enable you to evaluate the sensor's condition at a glance and perform targeted maintenance operations. All operations are documented in a database to perform advanced analysis of your sensor asset database.

iSense enables users of the ISM technology to apply new plant-wide maintenance concepts with pre-calibrated sensors. While at the measurement point, sensors previously calibrated in the lab are simply exchanged in minutes, with no need for a clumsy or sometimes inaccurate calibration on-site. iSense can accurately pre-calibrate sensors under stable lab conditions and provide users with in-depth diagnostics information to preemptively discard worn-out sensors that may fail during normal operation.

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