Visual Modeling Tools Offer Drag-and-Drop Modeling

PlantTriage's visual modeling tools result in better dynamic process models. Better models give better all-around analysis resulting in optimal PID Tuning, accurate simulated response to upsets, accurate response to process noise and better robustness analysis.

The drag-and-drop modeling puts the engineer in control of the model fit. Using any bump test data, drag the model curve to match the actual response curve and PlantTriage will find a dynamic process model that reflects the visually designed response. PlantTriage uses this model to give optimal PID values, simulate responses to upsets and noise.

Drag-and-drop modeling is fully compatible with PlantTriage's Active Model Capture Technology. With Active Model Capture, operator setpoint moves are automatically captured and modeled. The resulting model can then be fine-tuned using the drag-and-drop features.

Product Type:
Data Collection