Pressure Transmitters Offer HART 6 Compatibility

Honeywell's ST 3000 Pressure Transmitter line is the process industries' first to support HART 6, the HART Communication Foundation's latest digital communication protocol. The interoperability gives manufacturers a wider range of pressure transmitter options for measurement applications.

Additionally, the ST 3000 pressure transmitters can be integrated with Honeywell's process information technology, ExperionÒ Process Knowledge System (PKS). Experion was the first distributed control system (DCS) to support HART 6 without any add-on devices or conversion tools. Integrating Experion with the ST 3000 line offers faster transmitter startup and commissioning, and better status indicators using HART 6 extended device status for predictive maintenance, among other benefits.

The ST 3000 series includes absolute-pressure, differential-pressure, gauge-pressure, flange-mount, high-temperature gauge and in-line gauge pressure transmitters. Each provides accurate, reliable and repeatable pressure, level and flow measurement for applications ranging from hydrostatic tank gauging to measurement in boilers, fuel feeds and high-pressure reaction vessels.

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