Midland Manufacturing

Midland Manufacturing, the global leader in railroad tank car safety valves and equipment, announces a ball valve seat designed to provide higher dimensional stability and improved sealing in low and high temperatures. The  DuraSteel Ball Valve Seat offers a greater resistance to abrasion that reduces the chance of leakage caused by particle contamination.


Compatible for use with a broad range of commodities, DuraSteel Ball Valve Seats reduce cold flow, and offer lower seat expansion and contraction to provide superior sealing. The new seats are designed to increase the service life of bottom outlet ball valves by offering a greater initial hardness rating and lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion versus virgin PTFE seats. The DuraSteel seats also offer a lower deformation under load (tested at 70º F and 2,000 psi) advantage over virgin PTFE for permanent and initial deformation, based on ASTM testing methods.


For more information on the new DuraSteel Ball Valve Seats, please contact your local Midland representative or Kevin Cook, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at (847) 677-0333.


Midland specializes in products used on pressure and general purpose rail tank cars, chemical cargo tanks and ISO containers for the safe handling of toxic materials, chemicals, and food products: bottom and top loading/unloading valves, pressure relief valves, level gauge devices, and monitoring equipment. Midland is part of The OPW Fluid Transfer Group, that specializes in the safe handling and transfer of hazardous liquids and dry bulk commodities in critical applications such as gasoline, diesel, chlorine, chlor-alkali products, LPG, acids, cement, flour and starch, among others. For more information visit www.midland.net or call Diana Maras at (847) 677-0333.

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