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Flowserve Corp. (NYSE: FLS), a global provider of fluid motion and control products and services, has chosen ACHEMA 2006 to present new enhancements to its industry-leading Flowserve Limitorque MX smart electronic valve actuator. Introduced in 1997 as the first smart actuator that provided uncompromising reliability, performance and ease-of-use, the enhanced MX expands its list of renowned innovations for the flow control market.

The MX is designed to provide users with predictable, reliable and safe operation in the most rigorous and extreme applications. Its original market-firsts include a patented absolute encoder that does not require battery backup, patented LimiGard™ circuit protection technology, easy-to-use menus in six languages, and Hall-effect devices to eliminate potentially troublesome reed switches.

The enhanced MX improves on these features, adding new functionality for greater versatility. MX actuators are available for torques up to 1700 ft-lb (2307 N m) and thrust ratings up to 75,000 lb (333 kN).

Enhancements to the MX include a patented absolute encoder with increased span, improved diagnostics capability, and built-in self-test (BIST). The BIST feature is designed into a state-of-the-art controls platform that verifies and validates the integrity of its components, a design that aids companies in meeting the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements of IEC 61508.

A new MX feature is MX Quik™, an uninterrupted power transfer option during main power losses. The MX is configurable for up to one hour of Quik power, which is recharged for the next unforeseen power outage once main power is restored. This feature strengthens the Flowserve Limitorque commitment that the MX be the only smart actuator with “no batteries required.”

The enhanced MX adds DeviceNet to its communication options to complement Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus DP_V1, and Profibus PA. MX DeviceNet offers the user bit-strobe I/O messaging and a host of other benefits. Support is also added for three new languages — Mandarin, Russian and Malay.

Further upgrades to the MX include a graphical dot matrix display with improved visibility. The new LCD display supports all MX languages and diagnostic graphs for clear data analysis and collection. Display orientation can now be configured to rotate 180 degrees.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is optional in the next-generation MX, offering a range up to 10 meters. When used with Flowserve Limitorque Modsim™ Windows® CE-based software, diagnostic information is easily transferred to a PDA, laptop computer or cell phone.

The Flowserve Limitorque MX smart actuator will be on display at ACEHMA 2006 Hall 8 Stand U17 - V24. In addition to its valve automation products, Flowserve will present a comprehensive line of world-class fluid motion and control products and services, including pumps, seals, valves, and steam systems. See Flowserve at Hall 8 Stand H2 - J9 and Hall 8 Stand U17 - V24.

For sales, marketing and technical information, contact Earnest Carey, manager, product management, Flowserve Flow Control, Limitorque Actuation Systems, by phone at +1 (434) 522-4107 or by e-mail at ecarey@flowserve.com.

For media questions during ACHEMA, please contact Lars Rosene, director of global communications, Flowserve Corp., by cell phone at +1 (972) 672-7817 or by e-mail at lrosene@flowserve.com.

For media information, contact David Abels, senior account executive, Koroberi, Inc. (www.koroberi.com), by phone at +1 (919) 960-9794 ext. 22 or by e-mail at david@koroberi.com.

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