A new high-flow multi-gun valve from NLB Corp., the MGV12-3000, lets users operate two or more water jet lances from a single high-pressure pump unit at flows as high as 60 gpm (227 lpm).  The new valve is designed for operating pressures from 4,000 to 12,000 psi (276 to 830 bar), and can be repaired in the field in less than five minutes.

The MGV12-3000 can be used with any dump-style water jet lance, and the nozzles in the lances can be different sizes.  Each operator independently controls the loading and dumping of his own lance.  The assembly comes complete with mounting plate, guard, pressure gauge, and NPT couplers for inlet/outlet connections, and weighs just 27 lbs. (12kg).

The new multi-gun valve features a disposable, screw-in cartridge that can be replaced at a job site in under five minutes.  It is the same, proven quick-change cartridge used in the latest NLB lances and foot control valves, minimizing inventory needs.

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