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Moore Industries' TPZ PROFIBUS PA Temperature Transmitter saves wire and installation costs by allowing up to 32 field devices (126 with repeaters) to be networked onto one, low-cost PROFIBUS PA data link.  The TPZ features industry-leading 20-bit input resolution to deliver measurement accuracies of up to ±0.05°C (±0.09°F).  A large two-line, alphanumeric digital display shows real-time process status and valuable diagnostic information, and can be customized to show the process variable or the output in user-selectable engineering units.

The loop-powered (2-wire) TPZ offers dozens of input, output and operation choices.  It sets up from the control room using a standard PROFIBUS PA configuration tool to handle 14 RTD types, 9 thermocouple types, as well as direct millivolt and resistance/potentiometer inputs.  The TPZ communicates process and diagnostic data via a two-way, all digital communication protocol ready for direct interface with an AMS, DCS and other computer-based SCADA systems.  Long-term stability allows up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations.  Advanced RFI/EMI protection and ambient temperature compensation guard against environmental factors that can quickly degrade measurement accuracy.

Ready-to-install TPZ temperature assemblies include a sensor, thermowell, process fittings and enclosure combinations for mounting the transmitter in general purpose or explosion-proof applications.  Complete assemblies can be ordered using a single part number.

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