Chromalox®, the world's largest manufacturer of industrial heat and control products, has introduced a customizable air temperature control system for comfort, rental, and construction heat applications. The Chromalox HACS system provides temperature control and air handling capabilities to meet any large capacity temporary heating application.

The electrically heated unit is 100% efficient, produces zero emissions, and is environmentally friendly. These units are designed to withstand the wear and tear of construction sites and the rental market. The HACS is designed for a maximum combination of options regarding flow, control, construction, and monitoring.

These air-handling units can be designed for up to 150kW and 7000 SCFM air at 5" WG. The larger heat capacity and higher air volume fill the gap between small, portable air heaters and the large, fixed commercial air handlers typically used for permanent installations. The HACS can be used in many applications, including:

  • Temporary on-site comfort heat for large capacity special events.
  • Interim comfort heating system during commercial construction prior to permanent VAC installation.
  • Curing plaster and drying of paint in commercial construction.
  • Spot heating for personnel and freeze protection for equipment in the event of a plant shutdown.
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