ABM Sensor Technology

ABM Sensor Technology is proud to announce release to production of very low cost pulse radar probes for 50' and 100' distances. This revolutionary designing offers very low noise performance, which is due to operation of the receiver that is activated by incoming echoes from wanted targets. Our radar probe adjusts microwave pulse amplitude and its width to a target distance and target reflection properties. The receiver changes its sensitivity with amplitude of received echoes. In addition to that we also analyze the shapes of the received echoes and eliminate the ones coming from tanks' walls, standpipes and other obstructions. These features allow our radar to track any wanted target from the antenna down to bottom of any shape tank regardless of tanks' shapes and environment conditions. Any build up on the rod antenna does not deteriorate the performance of the radar probe. Our radar does not have any mismatch between resonator and transceiver; this eliminates problems when a target is close to antenna and gives optimal performance of the radar.
User interface of our radar is the same as of our ultrasonic probes, which is very simple and does not require any manuals. Communication software is also the same for ultrasonic and microwave probes. This allows a user to use radar and ultrasonic probes in the same network.
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