Drexelbrook now offers two-way, multipoint-to-point wireless transceivers that are a reliable cost-effective replacement for expensive cable installations.

AMETEK Drexelbrook's Wireless Interface Solution is a unique addition to its full-line of level measurement products.  The Drexelbrook 5605715-X-DRX is an integrated radio with I/O module designed for bi-directional interfacing of 4-20mA and discrete signals in harsh industrial environments.

The system's unique design allows users to add on multiple channels of I/O to the transceivers in virtually endless combinations.  It eliminates costly cable and conduit runs by utilizing 902-928 MHz ISM band frequency hopping spread spectrum technology.  That technology guarantees a license-free, interference-free link between remote devices and a control room. Typical installations include monitoring control of pressure, level, temperature and flow as well as switching and alarm functions.

Transceiver sets come factory programmed, calibrated and tested as a set.  Further switch configuration and programming are not required.  Each set is given a unique address at the factory enabling multiple radio systems to operate independently in the same area without interference.

Transceivers are expandable through I/O modules for analog or discrete input/outputs. The transceivers and I/O modules are DIN rail mounted and are suitable for both new and existing installations.  Both transceivers and I/O modules are rated for Class 1, Division 2 installations.

Installation is simple, quick and easy.  The process signals are simply wired to the transceivers and I/O modules.  No wiring is required in between.  These two-way radios accept both Inputs and Outputs at both the control room and the field installation allowing users to monitor and to activate controls such as valves, pumps, and shut offs.  Typical outdoor range is one to two miles with no line of sight, four to five miles with line of sight, and upwards of 20 miles with professional antenna propagation study and installation.

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