Process engineers and plant operators are continually looking for ways to cut cost, lower maintenance expenses, and improve product quality.  They need highly capable and reliable process analyzers that are easy to use, flexible and durable. The best solution available for UV-VIS spectroscopy of liquids and gases is the new Western Research® Model IPS-4 from AMETEK Process Instruments.

The IPS-4 represents a quantum leap in analyzer technology and functionality.  It can measure up to eight wavelengths and quantify five measurement components simultaneously.  The IPS-4 comes with chemometric capability to solve complex measurement problems.  It offers the advantage of no moving parts, high signal-to-noise ratio, minimized stray light effects, wide linear dynamic range, and fast and full spectral acquisition (220-1100 nm). 

The optical system is designed for high light throughput and increased reliability. Its self-aligning design reduces maintenance significantly. The system is small and insensitive to mechanical tolerances and movement.  The IPS-4 has no filter wheel, no optical filters to replace and no optical couplings to align. Its light source - a Xenon lamp - has a 2+year life expectancy.

The IPS-4 is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor, industrial environments.  It possesses excellent temperature stability, reliability and features a host of self-diagnostic and predictive maintenance capabilities.  The unit is equipped with numerous analog (4-20 mA) and digital communications capabilities, including RS232, RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol and a built-in Fast Ethernet port.  A built-in web browser offers superior Internet connectivity, enabling users to access data on the Intranet and Internet. 

The IPS-4 has a rugged stainless steel 22-key keypad and a four-line vacuum fluorescent display.  The display can be menu selected for six different international languages. 

The IPS-4 is designed to handle most environmental challenges without additional protection or expensive shelters.  The unit is supplied in an IP65 enclosure, which exceeds the requirements of NEMA4 and is able to handle even wash-down environments without allowing water or dust to ingress.  While a painted steel chassis comes standard, a stainless steel version also is available.

Outdoors, the IPS-4 tolerates ambient temperatures from -20o to 50oC (-4o to 122oF) without external heating/cooling.  Indoors, the analyzer is designed to take up minimal space.  Its width has been kept to only 78 cm (less than 31 inches) to minimize the amount of wall space it occupies.  Despite its narrow width, the Model IPS-4 integrates a wide range of custom sample handling and conditioning systems into the unit's sample cell enclosure.

The IPS-4 is engineered to be a fully integrated, turnkey solution that AMETEK will customize to specific end user requirements. Custom features include automatic zero and span, fluid injection, corrosion-resistant materials, filtration, pumps or eductors, and heated sample lines.

AMETEK Process Instruments is a leader in the design and manufacture of on-line analytical instrumentation. Its products are based upon eleven differentiated technology platforms and are used by markets ranging from oil, gas, and power to pharmaceutical manufacture to semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Control magazine recently ranked AMETEK Process Instruments first among all suppliers in customer service with a perfect 5.0 score for its line of process analyzers in its annual Readers' Choice Awards.
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