Atlas Copco Launches Compressed Air Monitoring Program

By Chemical Processing staff

Apr 18, 2013

Atlas Copco has introduced a new compressed-air monitoring program called SmartLink that will increase connectivity between Atlas Copco and its customers with 24/7 data monitoring. When integrated with the Elektronikon controller, SmartLink gives customers and Atlas Copco access to a web-based monitoring dashboard that alerts for the need of proactive prevention before equipment failures.

SmartLink gathers, compares and analyzes data, providing customers with both a snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of their air supply. It is fully customizable to fit a customer’s data-monitoring needs. When necessary, warning messages are sent to customers via text message and email.

Atlas Copco plans to integrate SmartLink into compressed-air installations worldwide, and the program will come standard on most oil-injected rotary screw compressors throughout 2013.

As part of its investment in the SmartLink program, Atlas Copco Compressors in the United States will centralize remote monitoring capabilities into a hub for monitoring compressor systems at customers’ sites. The center, which Atlas Copco expects to open in May 2013, will be operated by a central technical support competency group. This group will provide support for in-depth technical enquiries from customers, distributors and employees across the United States, as well as proactive monitoring and outreach for energy savings. The group’s headquarters will be in Rock Hill, S.C.

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