New, Ultracompact Micro Motion™ G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meter

April 1, 2024
Unlock your chemical operations’ full potential with a new, single source of measurement data by Emerson.

Chemical manufacturing demands safe, efficient processes with cost-effective equipment that adheres to strict guidelines. Emerson's new Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meter addresses these needs and more.

Meghan Edwards, Global Product Manager at Emerson, answers frequently asked questions about Emerson’s most recent and anticipated portfolio addition: 
How does the Micro Motion G-Series optimize process efficiency in Chemical industries? 
Coriolis has many advantages, including direct mass flow measurement, no moving parts, and multivariable outputs in a single device. The chemical industry already values these differentiators, yet footprint and cost can be a setback. The reduced size and capital expense of the Micro Motion G-Series enables Coriolis technology where it wasn’t possible before. The insights provided by our meters lead to improved batch efficiency and increased accuracy, improving yield and quality while reducing waste and rework. 
Why is it important that the Micro Motion G-Series aligns with NAMUR guidelines? 
NAMUR was established by the chemical industry as a means for standardization of measurement and control engineering. They define minimum requirements to ensure that equipment is operating reliably. The uniform standards help to lower the cost for both user and manufacturers, and adhering to NAMUR guidelines enables customers to use our products with confidence knowing that we meet those requirements. We also include an option for the NAMUR defined lay length. 
How can the Micro Motion G-Series help end users meet ESG targets? 
Coriolis direct mass measurement has no moving parts to break or wear out, multivariable output options, and superior accuracy that leads to efficient processes. From an environmental standpoint, that translates to reduced use of raw materials. Water and energy consumption are reduced, and waste is minimized.

Additionally, Micro Motion’s trusted suite of electronics includes Smart Meter Verification, our proprietary software, which enables quick performance checks without interrupting production, promoting preventative maintenance and minimizing potential issues. Verification results are recognized by agencies, including FDA, TTB, EPA, ISO 9001 and AGA-11, as a valid work practice in lieu of some or all calibrations or proving.

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