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Powder Handling: Prevent Fine Powder Flushing


Trapped air can cause fine powders to shoot through cracks and crevices. Here's how to eliminate this bin-afflicting problem.

Build up agglomerate quality


Process engineering & chemical manufacturing: Several easy-to-use indices related to material flow properties can help to predict and improve an agglomeration process and product quality.

Test for success


The best hopper is the least expensive one that consistently provides the ...

Diamondback Technology


Diamondback Technology plate hopper promises hangup-free flow

Make the Most of In-Bin Blenders


Such units can provide a cost-effective means to improve quality and consistency

Unlock Better Blending


Use this four-step approach to troubleshoot demixing problems in blenders

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Many processes involve powders as raw materials, intermediates or finished products. Properly storing, moving and blending these materials can be crucial for efficient plant operations. Yet, unless the particularities of a material’s flow properties are properly taken into account in equipment ...

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