Cyber Integrity Software Eases Configuration Management

Feb. 7, 2017
Latest PAS release includes industrial control system baselines.

PAS, Inc. provider of ICS cybersecurity, process safety and asset reliability in the energy, power, and process industries, releases its latest Cyber Integrity software. The product now includes industrial control system baselines allowing facilities to monitor more easily the configuration changes that impact security, compliance, governance and operations, according to the company. By focusing on the configuration data deemed most critical, Cyber Integrity’s enhanced baseline capabilities reportedly reduce the time that engineering and cybersecurity personnel spend investigating and pinpointing configuration changes.

“The problem with managing change for proprietary industrial control systems is that the number of changes and resulting investigations can overwhelm any organization,” says Sid Snitkin, VP and GM of Enterprise Advisory Services at ARC Advisory Group. “Providing baseline capabilities that focus exclusively on security-related data monitoring is essential to operationalizing configuration management within the process control network. Doing so also helps companies better comply with NERC-CIP, NIST 800-82, IEC 62443 and other standards that require configuration management.”

Industrial process control facilities need baselines to secure both production- and IT-centric endpoints, according to PAS.  Spanning Level 0 through 3 of the Purdue Model, the newly released Cyber Integrity 5.5 reportedly provides the following baseline capabilities:

  • Intuitive baselines, preconfigured templates and administration tools to simplify configuration management and expedite deployment,
  • Built-in baseline variance workflows and 
  • Complete audit and recovery functions.

“Configuration management is an established IT security best practice,” says David Zahn, CMO and GM of the PAS Cybersecurity Business Unit. “For the proprietary industrial control systems that comprise 80% of the cyber assets in an industrial facility, it is difficult to manage configurations and reduce risk without addressing the sheer volume of change generated.”

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