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Jan. 18, 2017
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Properly Protect Against Overpressure
Understand the appropriate use of different pressure relief devices.

Shift Your Approach to Abandoned Equipment
Leaving such items in place invariably is the worst option.

Bolster Your Lead Process Safety Metrics
A comprehensive review has identified a number of widely applicable indicators.

5 Steps to Run Accident Investigations Right
Focus on five factors to improve efficiency and insights

Forget Political Correctness
Ignoring the cost of work-related deaths undermines safety.

10 Rules to Succeed at Process Safety Management
Follow these rules to ensure an effective long-term program.

Walk the Line
Company-wide initiative eliminates operator line-up errors.

Use of Safer Chemicals Gets New Scrutiny
Inaugural survey aims to provide a benchmark for tracking specific companies’ progress.

Safety Instrumented Systems: Bridge the Gap
Understand how to effectively incorporate all process safety requirements into a functional design.

Avoid Issues in Process Safety Management Compliance
Random inspections now make meeting all requirements even more crucial.

Achieve Better Safety Training
New series of interactive videos puts participants in the midst of an event.

Chemical Safety Board Opens Up
The federal agency aims to increase its productivity, resources for industry and advocacy.

Watch Out for Wireless Network Attacks
Consumer electronic devices are opening up a new front in cyber security wars.

Make Wider Use of Process Hazard Analysis
The technique can provide important insights for strategic decisions.

Effectively Share Insights from Incidents
A proven approach can ensure lessons get communicated and acted upon.

CSB Chair Gives Good Vibes
New head sends strong signals about reinvigorating the Chemical Safety Board.

Stimulate a Sense of Vulnerability
Take seven steps to combat complacency that can compromise process safety.

Contractors Get More Scrutiny
More-stringent background checks address training, security and other issues.

Properly Tackle Your Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities
Start by getting a realistic view of weaknesses in your specific hardware and software.

Plant Security is Now Up in the Air
The proliferation of low-cost drones raises issues industry should confront.

Pick the Real Culprit
A recent international alarm management standard is ratcheting up pressure for improvement.

Use Elegant Design to Bolster Inherent Safety
Embrace a variety of strategies that can eliminate hazards from operations.

Prevent Formation of Ignitable Mixtures
A variety of techniques can preclude fire and explosion hazards.

Improve Your Plant’s Safety
Appropriately address both people and technology issues.

CSB Calls for Changes
Final report on Chevron refinery fire offers advice to API and ASME.

Stop Explosion Propagation
Choose a suitable method to limit damage elsewhere in the process.

Chemical Safety Board Makes PSM a Top Priority
Agency wants to modernize process safety management regulations.

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