Cybersecurity Gaps Threaten Operations

Nov. 8, 2019
Work to align your culture around a common goal of protecting your organization’s assets and your organization’s ecosystem.

Too many manufacturers are leaving their operations exposed to cybersecurity threats because their information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams are not working together to address security in a unified way. A lack of cohesion and collaboration between these groups can create unnecessary hurdles to getting the work done and can lead to discrete approaches and critical gaps. This ultimately leaves the entire organization vulnerable to cyberattack.

When teams are operating in harmony, they can be more strategic in addressing security gaps. This alignment allows leaders to take a step back, look at the organization’s big picture, figure out where the gaps are, and then prioritize based on risk while leveraging the best resources on both sides of the IT/OT ecosystem.

Thankfully, none of us is alone in this endeavor. We can leverage partnerships and tools like the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( cybersecurity framework (NIST CSF) – a framework consisting of five security functions, 23 categories, and 108 subcategories that include cyber, physical, and personnel topics, all with a focus on business outcomes. We use the NIST CSF at Rockwell Automation, and we continuously see benefits, both in our security and in the way our teams operate in general.

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