Busak+Shamban’s Isolast seals offer exceptional chemical resistance

Aug. 31, 2006
Busak+Shamban’s Isolast perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seals are of particular interest to chemical processors, offering exceptional chemical and thermal resistance without sacrificing the essential performance of elastomeric seals.  Isolast® seals operate in temperatures ranging from cryogenic up to 617°F (325°C) and seals effectively under pressure or in a vacuum.  They provide nearly universal chemical resistance to withstand aggressive fluids such as acids, bases, solvents, gases, and autoclaving.  Their USDA, FDA, and USP Class VI compliant material formulations help reduce downtime and improve production efficiency by extending seal life, while minimizing the risk of contamination and bacterial ingress which ensures product purity.  Busak+Shamban offers an extensive product line with more than 2,000 material compounds available to produce seals and bearings for static, dynamic, reciprocating, or rotary applications.