U.K. Students Spurn Chemistry Degrees

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 10, 2019

Fewer students in the U.K. are pursuing chemistry, a trend that is setting off alarm bells in the business community.  According to an article from The Guardian, applications to study chemistry at university have reportedly plunged 21% in the past three years. The chemical industry is reportedly worth £50bn a year to the U.K. economy. 

Companies including BASF and AstraZeneca have signed an open letter to the government urging action to encourage students to pursue careers in chemistry, according to the article. The letter remarks on the need for a “clear strategy and action plan to articulate the diversity and excitement of a career in chemistry.” Danièle Gibney, education policy manager for Royal Society of Chemistry, is quoted as saying, “It is concerning that some A-level students may not understand the opportunities chemistry can offer them, at a point where they’re making crucial career decisions.”

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