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Shangai SECCO Installs Honeywell Operator Training

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 06, 2017

Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Company Limited (SECCO) will upgrade its operator training simulator (OTS) system to the Honeywell Connected Plant UniSim Competency Suite, according to Honeywell. The comprehensive suite reportedly includes solutions to train the industrial workforce for safer and more efficient startups and operations. 

SECCO plans to use part of the suite known as Honeywell Connected Plant UniSim Operations, which is a cloud-deployed learning solution that enables access to simulation-based operator training. It connects operators across the plant through the cloud, centralizes management and deployment of simulation-based learning and reduces lifecycle maintenance costs, according to Honeywell. The UniSim Operations process simulation models reportedly can be applied to process design, process engineering and process optimization activities. 

UniSim Operations provides an interactive, real-time plant simulation as the foundation for a comprehensive training program to improve operators’ knowledge and skills. The solution reportedly accelerates knowledge transfer by consolidating a lifetime of experience into a concise field and console operator-training curriculum. Operators can safely execute and experience critical production scenarios of routine and abnormal situations in a visual environment. Studies show that practice and experience can result in up to 75% improvement in operation knowledge retention compared to other learning methods, according to Honeywell.

Honeywell has reportedly been collaborating with SECCO since 2006. Over the past decade, SECCO has implemented Honeywell Advanced Process Control and real-time optimization from ethylene crackers to downstream chemical units, alarm management system for safety operations and OTS, according to the company. 

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