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Emerson Adopts Thermal Energy Harvesting For Wireless

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 30, 2016

Emerson adopts advanced thermal energy harvesting as a power source for its wireless products. Power Puck thermoelectric energy harvesters reportedly convert ambient heat commonly released in industrial processes into electricity for powering Rosemount wireless transmitters.

Perpetua’s Power Puck energy harvesting solution is suited to wireless devices in power intensive applications where a conventional power module may require replacements more frequently. The company’s Power Puck thermoelectric energy harvester reportedly provides continuous power for the life of the transmitter and includes an intrinsically safe power module for back-up power.

A heat source is all that is required to fully power wireless transmitters at their fastest update rate using Perpetua’s Power Puck, according to the company. Configurations allow connections to most heat sources, including flat and curved surfaces with temperatures up to 840°F/449°C. Power Puck solutions are intrinsically safe and classified for use in hazardous areas. Power Puck certifications include ATEX, IECEx, USA, and Canada.

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