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EEMUA Releases User Guide For Inspection Services

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 03, 2016

EEMUA releases a new user guide, “Specifying, procuring and managing third party inspection services.” EEMUA Publication 232 is intended for operators to build their own working practices. EEMUA 232 was developed due to the perceived differences between the use of in-house and third party inspection bodies. As well as guidance on policy, organization and scheduling, the guide provides sample checklists and a code of conduct for non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections.

Primarily based around U.K. legislation, it complements the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum (CDOIF) guidance, “The use of external contractors in the management of aging plants.” However, users operating plants in other countries will find the new EEMUA guidance useful, according to the organization.

The new publication is available to purchase directly from EEMUA through its online store. For more information, visit: